Vegan bibimbap: mixed rice and vegetables, a popular, traditional, and nutritious Korean meal.
산채 비빔밥  = “Sanchae bibimbap” Fresh mountain vegetables mixed with rice
* 비빔밥 = “Bibimbap,” or mixed rice and vegetables is a wonderfully healthy, quick meal, and a standard go-to for those late-night emergency meals or any time during the day.

It usually costs about w4-5,000 at a cheaper restaurant, and w7-10,000 at a higher quality place, which usually provides nicer decor and more fresh vegetable side dishes.

So if you have nothing in your fridge or cupboard but you have a Kimbap Nara or Kimbap Chungook just down the road, wander on in and say:

야채 비빔밥 주세요! = “Yahchae bibimbap, jusaeyoh!” Mixed vegetables and rice, please!
고기 빼고, = “Kogi behgoh,” No meat,
계란 빼고 요! = “gaeran behgoh, yoh!” no eggs, thanks!


Note: 두부 = “Dubu” (tofu) is not usually included within the bowl.
It might be included as a side dish in more expensive restaurants.

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