Mandu” are Korean dumplings.


I have to thank a Facebook friend for showing me a picture
of steamed mandu, ’cause that is what inspired me to make this video.



Click on an image to open a video link, and learn to make your own yummy mandu.


It is a simple, easy recipe. If you don’t want to fry them,
you can definitely steam your own mandu.
So check it out, and remember: We are what we eat,
so feed your body healthy food, to keep
your mind, body and spirit at their best!


Welcome to Let’s Veg About It! This clip introduces you to what this channel is all about. We hope we can help you maintain your vegetarian lifestyle here in South Korea with ease. “Fighting!” 파이팅!

May you LIVE, THRIVE and Be HEALTHY: Let’s continue to veg about it!
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It's easy to be vegan in South Korea
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