Big Busan Veggie Burger Competition

The inaugural
Big Busan Veggie Burger Competition
… promotes the delicious fun and
health-conscious wisdom of veggie-powered eating!

There are many great burgers waiting for you in all the veggie and some carnie restaurants around SK’s first coastal city.

We want to celebrate that tasty creativity and promote awareness of the wider issues associated with food choices: plant-based is best for our planet, best for our health, and best for our friends the animals, too!

So let’s celebrate plant-powered health and creativity in this corner of Korea. Help us decide the best veggie burgers in Busan, 2017: please vote below.


US-based men’s lifestyle magazine GQ voted the veggielicious Superiority Burger best US burger overall in 2015. What’s the best veggie burger in Busan 2017? Help us find out: vote below.

There are five prize categories.

Best Very Vegan Burger: as agreed upon by our panel of experts

Best Vegetarian Burger, omni restaurants: Butcher’s Burgers, Thursday Burgers, …, according to open vote

Best Veggie Burger, overall: including vegan and vegetarian burgers from any restaurant, according to open vote

Special Munch’n’ Mention: a burger or restaurant that is noticeably outstanding in some way, but is yet to win full public favored flavor; based on comments included in feedback from judges and public; may highlight aspects of creativity or unique aspects otherwise overlooked.


A perfect 100% score for a perfect burger is 25/25. A maximum of five points is awarded for each of five categories.

Taste/ Overall flavor


Value for money

Speed of service



  1. Publicity: articles in Korean and English-language media, online and in print
  2. Trophy: one for each category
  3. Prize certificate: one for the top three place winners in each category

How to find Restaurants

Happy Cow: Busan
The Veggie Map: Busan

The Contestants: Burgers

Vegan Restaurants with burger options on the menu

MooMoo Burger, Nampo: Grilled Beefless Burger
Burger Kong’s, Jurae:
Burger Kong’s, Jungang:
Jack and the Beanstalk vegan kitchen, Namcheon: Lentil burger; Fallafel burger; Double cheese burger
Mother’s Burgers, Hwamyeong:
Mother’s Burgers, Oncheon:
Yammy Green, Yeongsan:

Carnie Restaurants with veggie burger options on the menu

Thursday Burger, Gwangan: Tofu burger (will include cow’s cheese and egg-based mayo unless you specify)
Butcher’s Burger, Gwangan: Vegetarian burger (includes egg in patty? TBC; be sure to specify design preference)

Great International Veggie Burgers

More of the best vegan burgers from right around the world!


The Korean Ramyeon Burger, by Beyond Meat company, USA.


The new Fried Chicken Burger, at Huggers, of Itaewon, Seoul.


A specialty burger from Tokyo restaurant Veganic-to-Go.


Veggie burger and chips from Hackbert, one of the best restaurants in Berlin.


The Grilled Watermelon Pineapple Teriyaki Beast Burger, by Beyond Meat


Click on the image above to read the article: Top 10 Places To Eat Veggie Burgers In London


The Beyond Burger, by Beyond Meat

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