Often regarded as the saviour of expat veggie-heads around South Korea, the extensive online shopping mall of plant-based goodness known as iHerb features a lightening-fast delivery time of only about two days, and the shipping is even free … if you manage to restrict your order to less than about w150,000 *, which is certainly enough to provide a longed-for taste of home.
[*  Please be sure to check latest value/ weight restrictions, especially given exchange rate fluctuations.]

iHerb         iherb-coupon

The organization is not at all vegetarian or vegan, but it does, however, sport a vast range of fascinating products to meet pretty much any need… as long as it’s legal in every state and not just the currently more forward thinking ones (sorry Colorado, California, and Canada)!


Although major chain supermarkets in South Korea have vastly diversified their product ranges over recent months, including even such exotic supplies and vegan necessities as hemp, flax, and chia seeds, the range available in iHerb continues to be a lure for hard-earned monthly hagwon paychecks.


The website also offers a great degree of search functionality and specialisation, allowing cross-referenced searches; for example, as above, given a search with the terms “hemp seeds,” under the “Specialty” category listing “Fair Trade” 12 hemp seed products are available; or in the “Conditions” section there are 53 listed provided products for those with “Arrhythmia.”

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It's easy to be vegan in South Korea
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