Animal Rescue Network

Animal Rescue Network Korea


“Animal Rescue Network Korea is an online network devoted to helping animals in Republic of Korea.

“Animal Rescue Network Korea does not have a shelter of its own. Members rescue stray animals independently and/or volunteer at various Korean shelters throughout the country to care for the animals, promote adoption, and foster animals in need.

Please note, because Animal Rescue Network Korea FB page is not an official organization, Animal Rescue Network Korea FB page does not hold fundraisers or collect monetary donations. You cannot donate money to “Animal Rescue Network Korea”. Rather, individual group members are free to use the Facebook page to advertise fundraisers for individual animals or shelters.

Read more at the links above, or contact these people for local information and help:

Corrie: KAPS (
Ula Yang: Yangju Shelter (
Cathy Hynes: Asan Shelter (
Deborah Fallon: Daejeon Paws (
Dairin Frawley: EFL Shelter (
Leo Mendoza: BAPS shelter (




It's easy to be vegan in South Korea
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