Animal Rescue Network Korea

Animal Rescue Network Korea (ARNK) is an online network devoted to helping animals in Republic of Korea. ARNK does not have a shelter of its own.

Members rescue stray animals independently and/or volunteer at various Korean shelters throughout the country to care for the animals, promote adoption, and foster animals in need.

Please note, because ARNK FB page is not an official organization, ARNK FB page does not hold fundraisers or collect monetary donations. You cannot donate money to “Animal Rescue Network Korea”. Rather, individual group members are free to use the Facebook page to advertise fundraisers for individual animals or shelters.

The ARNK FB page does not allow “free pet” advertisements. People re-homing their own pets and wishing to post them on ARNK FB must charge an adoption fee and then donate at least 70% of it to individual animals in need, or to animal shelters.


Any posts administrators deem as “irresponsible re-homing” or lacking an adoption fee will be removed immediately. Posts regarding found animals must be accompanied by the “Found Pet Report”. You can find it here:

For animals listed on (Paw in Hand), Empathy for Life: EFL, CATS Whiskers Ministop and Wendy’s Last Meals (Busan, Korea) FB groups, profiles from the website and the groups can be used here. The ARNK FB page does not allow posting graphic photos. Rehoming pets can be a difficult subject. Pet rehoming posts are allowed. Rude comments, bad language will not be accepted or tolerated. Personal attacks, racist comments, and cultural stereotyping are unacceptable. Such posts and comments will be deleted without notice. Please do NOT block admins. If you do, you will be removed without notice.

The adoption application is available here:

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