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A small activist group based in Gimpo city, north of Seoul, S. Korea, fighting against the dog meat trade. The Save Korean Dogs organization not only rescues dogs and places them into loving homes, but also educates the international public about the dog meat trade (DMT).
세이브코리언독스 보호소
현재 동물구조보호 비영리재단이나 현재 사단법인으로 전환 중입니다.
아주 작은 단체이나 8년 전 한국서 개식용관련 운동을 처음으로 시작 세계에 널리알리며 개식용 금지에 큰 역할을 해왔으며 대형 개농장 300 마리 까지 구조한 적이 있습니다.
미국의 세이브코리언독스 USA는 미국 전역서 동물복지 교육 켐페인등등의 운동으로 특히 남가주에서의 활동이 큰 편인데 전체 이사들 모두가 채식이나 비건이며 동물복지 운동에 관여했던 분들로 구성되어 있습니다.
저희 홈피를 방문하여 주세요. 지난 8년간 3169 마리를 미국 캐나다로 입양시켜 왔으며 간 아이들의 최근 모습까지 볼수 있는 페이스북에 초대합니다.
세이브코리언독스는 한국의 개식용문화를 세계적으로 알리는데 계속 주력하고 있습니다.

Our mission is to raise awareness internationally and ultimately contribute to outlawing dog meat consumption in Korea. “
Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation, Inc. (SKD USA) acts in partnership with Save Korean Dogs Sanctuary in South Korea (SKD SK) to support the public education, animal protection and animal welfare programs of SKD SK. The purpose of Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation is to provide information and education to the American public about the plight of dogs suffering within the dog meat trade in and around South Korea. As a steward for SKD SK, Save Korean Dogs USA Foundation solicits donations from the American public ensuring financial transparency and providing tax-deductible benefits to American donors. Financial donations are utilized for educational purposes, as well as supporting the Sanctuary’s mission of rescuing animals from illegal dog meat farms, illegal slaughterhouses, and other cruelty situations, providing medical care, vaccinations, sterilization (spay and neuter), socialization, rehabilitation and adoption into loving homes in the USA and around the world.

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“Please visit our website and see that we are a small but strong organization. Also, please note that all our board members are vegans.”
“From 2011 to 2019, in our first eight years of operation, we sent 3,169 dogs to safe and loving new homes overseas, and, we educated a new generation by raising awareness internationally of the plight of dogs in Korea and around the world.”
Kim Nami, founder, 2019