영화 – Movies

Earthlings (2005), YouTube (Eng./ Italian subtitles)

Meat the Truth (2007), YouTube (Eng.)

푸드 주식회사 (2008), YouTube (subtitles)
Food Inc. (2008), YouTube (Eng.)

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (2010), YouTube (Eng. subtitles)

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear (2010), YouTube (Eng./ 한국어 자막.)

Forks Over Knives (2011), Netflix (Eng./ 한국어 자막)

Cowspiracy (2014), Netflix (Eng./Korean subs), YouTube (Eng./한국어 자막)

Lucent (2014), YouTube (Eng.)

잡식가족의 딜레마 (2015), Vimeo (Korean/ Eng. subs.) – trailer only
“An Omnivorous Family’s Dilemma”
– For public screenings: – – 02-337-2135
– For private screenings, download via Naver, Daum, or Indieplug (한국어).
– Also available for viewing at public libraries in the USA.

PlantPure Nation (2015), YouTube (Eng.)

Food Choices (2016), YouTube (Eng.)

Okja (2017), Netflix (한국어/ English, includes subtitles)

What the Health (2017), Netflix (Eng./ Korea subs), YouTube (Eng./한국어 자막)

The New 101 Reasons to Go Vegan (2017), YouTube (Eng.)

Casa de Carne (2019) YouTube (Eng.)

The Game Changers (2019) (Eng/ 한국어 자막)

Carnage (2067) (Eng.)