KAPS: Korea Animal Protection Society

Since 1989. Or 1991.
Animal protection society in Daegu, South Korea

Phone: (053) 622-3588
KAPS is a not for profit charity which has two animal shelters in Daegu.
It was created and was run by Sunnan Kum from 1989 until 2015, and became a charity in 1991.
Mrs Kum built the charity from nothing and at its peak the charity employed two rescue drivers, three shelter staff and two admin staff. The charity rescued animals from all over the Daegu City area and had two animal shelters and an animal sanctuary in Beoun.
In 2014 the Boeun shelter closed down and volunteers helped all of the animals move across the country to a sister charity in Pohang.
In 2014 Daegu City Council decided to change from having KAPS rescuing animals in the city to having a single pick up person who would deliver animals to the local vet. Each area of the city has a designated rescue vet who keeps the animals for 10 days before putting them down.
Unfortunately due to these changes KAPS was no longer able to afford to rescue dogs and cats or maintain the three large shelters it had previously owned.
In 2014 Mrs Kum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. This took an increasing toll on her health and in 2015 she stepped down as CEO of KAPS and Miss Choi took over. Mrs Kum is now doing well, living with her family and a few cats in Daegu.
The charity is now run by Mimi Choi. We still have two shelters, however, these are now sanctuaries, rather than animal shelters taking in new animals.
KAPS is still looking for committed volunteers to help take care of the animals, socialising cats and walking dogs. It is still possible to adopt animals from KAPS. We also occasionally have puppies and kittens abandoned at the shelter and look for homes for them.

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