Pet Sitting Network

Pet Sitting Network – South Korea (official)

The Pet Sitting Network is a group for people to trade pet-sitting services. Pet-sitting is an economical, comfortable alternative to boarding your pet in a kennel or cat hotel.

We’ve been running since 2008. Our group welcomes members throughout Korea. You don’t need a pet to participate, and there is no obligation to pet-sit if you join the group. We have occasional dog-walks and social events, too!

Join our group and: be a part of the support system for pet owners in Korea;
make new friends and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow animal lovers;
find a secure home environment for your pet while you go on vacation;
link with folks in your area for dog walks or play dates;
and if you don’t currently have a pet, enjoy the company of a dog or cat for a short time while helping out a friend.

If you would like to offer sitting services, please post directly to the wall or send your availability via PM to individual members who express a need. Sitting requests can be posted directly to the wall. Please indicate what area you live in so people in your area can respond.

Participants can trade sitting services, or charge a fee, based on what both parties agree is fair and reasonable. Pet-sitting providers, please limit your direct posts (ads) to a maximum of once every 7 days (once per week). More frequently will be treated as spam.