Would your school, class, or community group of any sort like a guest speaker to walk and talk you all through the what, why, and/or how of the great global veggie scene?

All our guest speakers are experienced educators and committed to the long term development of a world deliciously free from animal exploitation.

For the Seoul and Gyeonggi-do area, and to connect with others more locally:

GIC Dec 2018

Above: Professor Shin Gyeonggu (left, GIC founder and president), Co-ordinator Kim Minsu (right), and Julian (center) following a presentation at the GIC, the Gwangju International Center (Jeollado), as part of their Saturday afternoon open talk series, Dec. 22nd, 2018.

With thanks to Kim Boyoung of GIC for the technical and liaison support, and to Ulysses of KebabPlusGwangju for the yummy hummus we all enjoyed after the talk!